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About our program

The Studio for the Arts has been providing over 30 years of programming for children.  Our organization now offers two opportunities for kids and parents!

  • As always, the Studio Classes are a way for students to experience the arts like never before. Our award-winning, hands-on, performance-based learning is taught in all areas of the performing arts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  •  In 2018, we launched our NEW After School Academy. This program is especially geared for working families who want structured supervision and learning after school. After a quick snack, the children will enjoy an an evening full of fun, learning, and personal development.  The program is fully structured and blocked out into learning and activity sessions, featuring a choice of 4 Studio Classes throughout the week.  Tutoring and homework time will be included.  Pickup is at your convenience until 7.  

The school bus from Pocahontas school district drops off at our location when you request.  Imboden students will receive pick up from S&S and will be transported to The Studio.  

Individual Studio Classes

(tuition is per class monthly)

Classical Ballet

Beginning with Level 1 and going to Level 3.

Jenni Muzzillo and Ariel Avery, Instructors


For Pre-K and K.  An introduction to movement and music.

Jenni Muzzillo, Instructor


Energetic Ozark style folk dance for beginner Level 1 and more experienced Level 2 dancers.

Ariel Avery and Ashley Evers, Instructors

Born to Win for Kids

Personal development and positive thinking.

Shane Cummings, Instructor

Martial Arts

Through Kaibudo Shorin Ryu dojo.

Jeremy Turner, Sensei


An acting class in for Level 1 and 2

Shane Cummings, Instructor

Theater Tech

Learn the behind the scenes skills of the theater.

Shane Cummings, Instructor


Learn to sing with a Level 1 class and Glee Class.

Andee Evers, Instructor

Boys Ballet

Strength training and technique specifically for the boys.  Jump higher, get stronger, build muscles and stamina

John Cummings, Instructor

The After School Academy

For one weekly price students may choose 4 (four) Studio Classes to study in addition to their after school activities.  Below is a glimpse of the activities that take place in the Academy.  Upon arrival, students will receive a snack from Ms. Barb, everyone's Studio Granny!  We provide structure for you child from after school drop off until you pick them up (anytime before 7). 

An outstanding program that you would expect from our organization!